How To Create a Ecard


The opening page affords two opportunities to view and eventually select a artists graphic to become the face of your Ecard.

1) - On the left side of the opening page we list the various art categories that contain the photos that you can select from to become the face of your Ecard.

2) - On the opening/index page of this site you will see 12 sample photos - at the bottom of this page you will see subsquent pages that continue to exhibit more photos. That you can select from to become the face of your Ecard.

Once you have selected your photo for the face of your Ecard, you are presented with a blank for only showing the facial photo.

You now fill in the blanks as follows:

a) - Fill in your name and email address

b) - Fill in the person to whom you are sending the ecard. i.e.

c) - If you are sending the card to multiple friends prepare as follows:

d) - Now fill in the blank body with your message.

e) - After completing the above you can click the preview selection and then back track to make any changes, or send immediately.

f) - You can click the notify me option to know when your card has been picked up.

Thank you and enjoy the free Ecard Site, Tell your friends and return frequently to see new art works that have been added.

Note: The artists website is listed below each thumbnail, and invite you to visit the Index of Artists Page where the artist name is listed and by clicking on his/her name it will take you to their website.


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