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 Artists Testimonials

I just wanted to share a story with you.  I was recently on a painting trip to Arizona and received an email from someone who found my website through viewing the SAG site.  They were interested in seeing one of the paintings on my site.  I set up an appointment with them and upon my return they came to my studio.  Low and behold they purchased the painting along with some others.  She is now a valued collector.  I am now a firm believer that your service can benefit our community of struggling artists.  Thank you. 

I would like to recommend that you put up Christin Coy as one of your featured artists.  She is one of Marin's most celebrated artists and has a large following.  Like me, she struggles to make ends meet and I feel both she and you could benefit by the association.

Thanks for the help.   -  Richard LIndenberg Marin County Artist

Richard; as you see below this request came via your site.  She ended up deciding to buy the painting for $600 this AM and I am shipping it to North Carolina this PM.  Yeah!!   No connection to me at all except a search of some kind that yielded your site. I continue to receive allot of traffic and interested collectors from your Art Communities. I appreciate all that you do for us artists.

Thank you. - Deborah Bertola Sausalito Artist

I also wanted to tell you that I sold a painting last week.  "Late Sun, Old Vines" to a man in Atlanta who had just visited Sonoma and then found my work on your Napa Sonoma Art & Wine web site,  So Thank you very much.  This is the first piece sold from that site and also the first piece I have sold on the internet in several years.  

Truly thank you again.   Best, Carolyn Zaroff Sausalito Artist

Wow ! I have to share a story with you. I received a phone call from a gentleman from Chicago who was in the San Francisco Bay Area on Business. He is an art collector and did a query for Art Galleries and found your site, He viewed my art work and stated he would like to submit a resume for a commission. Upon receipt of his resume I began the creation of the art work, and continually sent him Digital Photographs of the painting in progress. Upon completion of the painting, I sent him several digital photos which he accepted and sent him the art work, which he is very pleased.

Had it not been for your marketing and promotion methodology, I would have never believed that an artist could receive a resume for a commission. You have proven to me, that when properly marketed and promoted the artist can gain increased visibility, and potential revenue rewards.

Thank you for all you provide for us artists - Victoria Ryan Northern California Artist

Richard,  I'm just back from Mexican cruise.  Guess what?  I got an email from a publishing company in PA, that said they found me on your website!!  They invited me to submit for their book on artists! It was a last minute request today!  I'm sending the disc off now. I'll be sure to let people know how these people found me.  Looking forward to hearing from you!

Thanks so much for everything. Aiko Morioka Sausalito Artist

" I am very satisfied with the great work Richard at Sausalito Art Galleries has provided for my business. We have received local and international exposure from participating in the SAG website and satellite websites, which in turn has lead to greater revenue. Richard is always open to new ideas and will suggest even greater ways for my gallery to gain recognition on the internet. Overall, I believe his representation of my gallery has increased our visibility and I would recommend using his services for your business."

Thank you for your effort and skills in bringing Sausalito & Its art community, to an expanded art audience that are local, regional, state, nationwide, and internationally.

Elektra - Gallery owner of Galerie Elektra Sausalito Art Gallery

Richard is responsible for creating an incredible gift to artists. He has created a way for us to be visible and compete in an evermore complex marketplace. He is consistently ahead of the curve of technology, and insisted on educating us in his methodology. He has taken a stand for artists, to help them connect to people who want to own their work, and make it easy for this to happen.

I have been a lucky beneficiary of Richard`s expertise at website positioning. A couple from the Midwest found a painting on my website, came here for their honeymoon and purchased it. Not only was I supported, but the connection with a client was a great experience. This is just one of many stories of sales and opportunities that have resulted from the websites that Richard has created. His search engine optimization has brought attention to the rich culture that artists 
offer. Watch where he goes next!   

Thank you, Richard. Sincerely, Kay Carlson Sausalito Artist

 It seems like mere words can't really express the gratitude we feel towards you and Sausalito Art Galleries and all it's Affiliates, for all of your help and support with our website and the Caledonia Street websites...the networking the visibility, the has been an education in itself, I still think it is taking our minds time to really grasp the exposure and importance of the internet and what you are doing. Also, really facing the facts that everything is really connected to the computer, and knowing that one has to get linked up or not be is a very important tool. ...Anyway, I just wanted to say Thank You again from Scott and I and tell you how much we appreciate everything that you have done for us...

Blessings to you, love Toni and Scott - Inside Asia Inc.