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Visitor Tracking

Most "Web hosting Services" provide visitor tracking information, as a part of their normal service. I suggest you call their tech support and ask if this information is included in your webhosting subscription package. Then if included ask for a tutorial to learn how to read their visitor statistical information.

Normally, the information will tell you the following:

1-) The keywords that were queried that brought a visitor to your website.

2-) The websites that you have engaged in Link Exchanges that directed a visitor to your site.

3-) The number of visitors who have bookmarked you and have returned to view your website to see if any new information is available, or for the addition of new information about your business or service.

4-) The number of visitors who have reached your site via an email reference.

The visitor count analysis is important for many reasons:

1-) It will indicate where your website resides within keyword query searches that relate to you or your business or service.

2-) It may also be an indication of your low Page Ranking within the major search engines.

3-) It can provide you with information subsequent to participating and exhibiting at various related Events etc. Simply put, this function can tell you how many people may follow up with a visit and tour of your website.

4-) Many visitor tracking services can also tell you the "Geographic Location" from which the visitor originates.

If you are not pleased with your "Web Host's" tracking reports and systems I suggest you look into the following visitor tracking software and services.



One of most prominent omissions on websites is the failure to engage with other non competitive businesses in link exchanges. If you stop and think of how the Internet is referenced as "The Web." Take a visual look at a normal spider web, and note how all the strings inter connect with each other, and form a network.

Linking, forms a web of networked business or service entities that keeps the flow of traffic moving from one individual, business or service organization to another and never ending.