GoldnGate - Internet Marketing & Promotion Services

You have invested in a website and now you wonder why you are not reaping the rewards such as: increased visitors, inquiries about your art, and of course a up tick in sales. In this economy every dollar of marketing investment is critical and not to be remitted freely.

You more than likely paid a decent fee to a web designer who created the impression and image that best projects you, your business and or service.

If the return on your investment is less than you expected or were promised, you begin to question the viability of your website and the designer.

Fact is the facial image, or so called "The First and Lasting impression,  of any website is "The Eye Candy" that attracts and captivates the visitor. But, if they cant find you via keyword query to the major search engines your website is like a Mini Me Marshmallow bobbing in the Pacific Ocean. The only way you can find it by bumping in to it.

This is where we can be of service by analyzing your website and giving you a overview of issues within your website that require attention, adjustments or additions.

We will give you a "Tune Up Analysis" valued at $250.00 for Free. When to subscribe to one of our membership packages. To learn the details click this link "Membership Packages"